Cookie warning

If you use Google Analytics on yoursite, and your site is located in the European Union, you must have a Cookie Alert on your site.

We have a standard Cookie Warning module, that allows you to easily comply to the law.

First of all you have to create the Cookie Alert in the configuration for the site. If you have multiple languages, you must create one for each language.

Alert settings

There are a few options on the alert node.

Cookie Alert Consent

  • Explicit
    The user has to check a box and hit a button before the cookie is set.
  • Implicit
    The cookie is set by default, nd the user is simply told that this is the case.

Alert position

  • Top
    The alert drops down from the top of the screen.
  • Bottom
    The alert comes up from the bottom of the screen.

Alert times

This is how many times the alert is shown, before the site stops trying. If you set it to zero, the site will never stop trying to get consent.

Alert display time

This is a timer for how long the alert is shown. If the user does not close the alert before this timer runs out, the alert will close anyway.

Alert content

The text of the alert. You can include link in the text, so the user can read your privacy policy.

Dictionary items

The texts on the button and check-box are in the dictionary in Umbraco.

Settings -> Dictionary -> Cookie Alert

If you have more than one language, you should translate these items.

About the law

Here is a video that explains what the law is about.