Google Analytics

Before you can use Google Analytics on your site, you must insert the script from Google Analytics itself.

Once you have the script, you create a new Google Analytics configuration node in the backend of Umbraco, and simply paste the script there. If your page is in the European Union, you might want to use the Cookie Alert module too.

If you have more than one site in you Umbraco solution, you need to add this tracking to each of them. One example could be having the same site in different languages.

If you are not sure how to get the tracking code, we can help you, but we would need access to your Google account.

What can Google Analytics help you achieve?

Google Analytics is a tool that can help you collect statics on your website and give you an overview on a dashboard in the backend.

For instance, it is possible to track your visitors behavior when they are browsing your website:

  • Are they on a laptop or a smartphone? What browser are they using? 
  • What country does the visitor come from?
  • How did the visitor find your website - from a supplier, a Google search or an AdWords campaign?
  • Wondering what people search for on your website? Google Analytics can also help you find out.
  • Find out what pages are performing worst and best. Some of your pages might scare people away, while others make people stay.

To make it short - knowledge is power. Google Analytics can collect statistics about visitors behavior and then it is up to use to find a way to use this knowledge to your advantage.

These are just a few examples of how Google Analytics can be used. By simply adding the Google Analytics tracking code you will get the basic overview.

If you want to do more advanced tracking it is possible to set this up (advanced tracking is not included in the price).

Finding Google Analytics