Feature list

 The Feature list module is a way of displaying certain content on your website in a teaser format. Contact us if you want to learn more.

Why is the feature list useful?

Our Feature list allows you to drag out content from one part of your website and display it elsewhere in a teaser format. Here are some examples of how it can be used:

News section

Many websites have a news archive, which is updated on a regular basis. It is often a requirement to display the 3-5 latest news on the front page of the website - you can see an example on Bavarian Nordic's front page. Now take a look at Bavarian Nordic's news archive - it is updated on a weekly basis and time can be spent better than keeping the front page updated manually. 

The feature list module can do this automatically, so every time you make a new post in the news archive the front page will be updated with the latest post.

Calendar section

A common section on websites is a calendar, where events and activities can be displayed and described. To keep visitors updated on upcoming events it is very useful to display the next upcoming activities on the front page.

Our partners at uCommerce are developing ecommerce software. It is very important to keep customers and partners updated on new activities. Furthermore, developer training is something they have to focus on to make sure that their partners has in-depth knowledge of the platform. uCommerce has an event calendar fairly hidden in the menu, but to make sure visitors knows about the activities, upcoming events are displayed on their front page (scroll to the bottom of the link).

See it in action on our own Manao Software Umbraco demo site here