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Contact forms are great way to activate your visitors and generate leads. If you want your visitors to get in touch with you this is a great way of getting the right information needed to follow up on their inquiries.


Generate leads with your contact form

Here's a few tips to generate a great contact form that will engage your customer into getting in touch, and give them a good user experience.

  • Special tailor your form to the specific landing page. A study done by HubSpot in 2010 showed that a simple form with a few fields are a great way to increase number of leads generated by landing pages.
  • Don't use CAPTCHA. If you want to convert visitors into leads and avoid SPAM the honeypot method is the way to go. 
  • Send an e-mail receipt to your submitter and re-direct him/her to a success landing page. The e-mail receipt is a way of assuring the submitter that the info has been received, and a follow up will be done shortly. The success landing page can be used to give the customer a good user experience when the form has been submitted and to guide him/her to other relevant pages on the website.
  • Use a meaningful label for the "submit" button. Example: If the purpose of submitting  the contact form is to get a quote a meaningful label could be "Get a free quote" instead of "Submit".

Using the Manao Forms

We have created our own form package to make the experience for website owners user-friendly. The form package has it own section in Umbraco and it is possible to create multiple special tailored forms. 

We use the honeypot method to avoid losing leads and to avoid SPAM. We implemented the honeypot method to our own website, and have not received any SPAM since then. 

The form should not be considered a competitor the Umbraco Forms which is a very good form package as well, and is particularly useful for bigger projects e.g. where integration is needed etc.

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The contact form is a big part of the Pronestor website. They have various call-to-actions all over the website which encourages customers to get in touch. When customers fill out the contact form and send it, a lead will automatically be generated in their CRM system, so they don't forget to follow up on the lead.



CreaSign is using our form module as a strategic part of their lead generation. Because of the modules flexibility they have been able to create multiple forms that is specifically tailored to the sub-page the potential customer is visiting.

Example 1

On each of their product pages, CreaSign has inserted a short contact form to allow visitors to contact them regarding the specific product. The form is short and only contains the most important contact fields for visitors to fill in. See one of their product pages here.

Example 2

On CreaSign's general contact page a more thorough contact form has been inserted. It has more fields and allows visitors to upload files, which is typically relevant for their customers.