The Quote module is a way to display what your customers is saying about you.

What can I achieve with the Quote feature?

References from happy customers is a great way to build trust: Your customers will not get paid to tell others how great your work is, but you will..

By using references you can show visitors that your work is appreciated by others. You can achieve several things by having kick-ass references:

  • You can show potential clients that other people have trusted you to do the work - and why they are happy!
  • This can also be used from a HR perspective to show potential candidates that you are doing high quality work

The Quote module is designed to catch the eyes of the visitor and is complete with name and signature. See below how a reference will look using the Quote module:

This is how a quote will look by using the Quote module. It is simple for the editor to insert, move around and edit.

Name of your reference
Title of your reference