Teaser box

The Teaser box is a way of showcasing the most important content pages on the front page of your website.

How can I use this?

The Teaser box module is a way of creating interest for the most important sub pages on your website. Just like the name suggests, it is supposed to tease the visitor into clicking the link, so the visitor will gain more information.

The content of our Teaser box module can easily be changed to your needs, just like every other module we have created.

Let's have a look at some examples

Manao Software

We use four teaser boxes at our own websites front page just below the slideshow. The idea is to tease for the four most important parts of our website. The teaser boxes has call to action buttons to make the visitor read more about the specific subjects.


CreaSign has a number of products they want to display on their website. To make a quick overview of their the different products they are displayed in teaser boxes with an image and headline, so the visitor have a chance to get a quick overview. You can see the solution here.


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