Modules will make your work easy and intuitive

When Umbraco version 7 was released, the Umbraco team had focus on one big feature: Improving the User Experience in the backend. The result is a huge improvement for the editors who will actually be working in the Umbraco backend e.g. updating website content, changing images, adding new features - you name it.

When Manao Software build websites we use a certain structure we call modules: Modules are the building blocks we use to build your website. You can see a sample of modules on the bottom of this page. 

Think of the modules as LEGO building blocks: We can deliver a Slideshow for you - you just have to put it together e.g. add images and text. Another example would be a place for a Youtube video, and all you have to do is to insert the correct video link.

Our focus when we built the modules structure was the same as the Umbraco team - to make it easy and intuitive to use for the people who will use the backend on a daily basis. We are proud of it and we have received fantastic feedback for our work:

I can navigate the backend as a professional and even get some fun out of it! I did not expect that before we started the project.

Poullet Sangbaran
Founder of Tellary