Umbraco Cloud (Umbraco as a Service)

At Manao Software we use Umbraco exclusively for website development. We always try to keep up with latest trends, and because of that we have been one of the first companies who has been developing projects on Umbraco Cloud.

Developers spend between 8-12% of their time on things that can be automated. That’s a lot of uninspiring, non-billable hours that could bring you happiness at work (and in finances) instead. This is exactly why we made Umbraco as a Service.

Umbraco HQ

Umbraco has decided to create a cloud hosting service, which enables Umbraco developers and customers to get a great hosting platform and the security of getting direct support from the Umbraco HQ. By using Umbraco as a Service, deployment has been reduced to a simple click on a button, and 3 minutes later a complete website will be deployed. The site will be stored in the cloud using Microsoft Azure - you can read more about the cooperation between Umbraco and Microsoft here.

To deploy content between the different environments Umbraco as a Service uses the Courier deployment engine. This allows you to deploy content with a couple of clicks.

You can see a short introduction video here: Video introduction to Umbraco as a service.

By using Umbraco as a Service we minimize time spent on deploying projects, and furthermore Umbraco will automatically update the projects. As one of the first movers on this new platform, we had a great learning experice in the beginning, and the Umbraco service team has been a fantastic help. We get day-to-day response and our problems are always taken seriously.


Contact Manao Software to learn more

If you want to learn more about Umbraco as a Service, check the features and pricing or give us a shout. We will be happy to talk about your project and/or needs.